Last November the Telegraph bestowed a special honor on this area when it officially declared Mayfair as The Top Luxury Neighborhood in London. Take one step east out of Hyde Park and you will immediately see why: the leafy streets, monumentally fashionable hotels and bustling undercurrent of international finance all set the W1 apart.

From the Burlington Arcade to the eponymous Mayfair Hotel - and everywhere in between - the former location of the yearly fair in May (hence the name) is a temple to opulence and style. This is the playground of the worlds elite and the most elite girls in London.

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The steps to making it happen with one of EOTs Mayfair escort girls are ridiculously easy but the feeling of satisfaction that come with actually doing it are immense. Yes, every single one of our courtesans who reside in Mayfair are top class. Are they out of your league? Absolutely not. Its just a matter of shifting internal paradigms and being bold enough to take action, pick up the phone and wrestle your fantasies into reality.

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